Drag&Drop lowpoly animated people. Flat color doesn't mean they are naked.
Cartoon Nice Doctor. Studied in Cuba, currently working in Miami.
Ehm... Hi, Boss! Not very friendly, but pays good.
Supreme leader Donald Trump. He knows many words.
Crabby Ball, my first GREAT game! that no one plays!.

Free Polygon Painting Script and LowPoly Owl

Set Biped Keys Continuity to Zero, tiny MaxScript

Is any 3D character good for my game?

Joining Images to Create Sprite Sheet: Update to pX SpritesRender Script

Free Lowpoly Donald Trump 3D Character

Why this caricature I did got so much attention

Fix Non-Symmetrical vertices of 3ds Max mesh to use with Symmetry Tool (SCRIPT: pXSymmetryTool)

3ds Max PNG alpha transparency and anti-alias problem (SOLVED)

Crabby Ball (My first game!)

Crabby Ball - Free Online Game

pX Quick Morph Sliders creation tool for 3ds Max

Crabby Ball 2D Game (beta) made with Unreal Engine 4 in 20 days