Joining Images to Create Sprite Sheet: Update to pX SpritesRender Script

I made this free script a few years ago for easy rendering of multiple views of an animated character in 3ds Max.  My script leave the rendered frames as separated images, and I recommended the use of free utility "Glueit" to join them after. Recently I noticed the link to "Glueit" was broken and the author site was down. Then that was a very good excuse to add myself this feature and enjoy the fun of coding with Maxscript.

Then I made it and is working, watch the 40s demo video:

Do you like this little Trump? Good news you can also download for free its Walk, Idle and Run animations sprites, as SpriteSheet and as Separated Images:

These animations are made by talented young artist Jose Sinchicay, see more of its work here.

Anyway if you don't want to leave the free-sharing zone I also have another 3D Trump LowPoly character for free download here.