Crabby Ball - Free Online Game

- After loading. Please press PAUSE button and RESUME so the windows above get the focus. (Sorry for that).
- To move left and right: Cursor Left and Cursor Right or A and D.
- For jumping press SPACE or W.

A little Crab bounce the ball with his head to control it and win the game. Is like playing a single player volleyball adventure with increasing difficulty levels. The genre may be some mix of platformer with sports.

- Bouncing ball physics simulation.
- 17 Levels.
- Moving platforms and Teleporting doors.
- Collect Starfish, the Crabby Ball's currency.
- Unlock and skip levels spending with starfish.

- Don't let the ball fall to the ground more than 2 times.
- Try to collect all Starfish and pass the ball cross the flag to win the level.

Please write me about any problem or suggestion and I'll fix the game as soon as possible.

After the long loading screen all is fun! :D

"Crabby Ball" uses the Unreal® Engine. Unreal® is a trademark or registered trademark of Epic Games, Inc. in the United States of America and elsewhere"
"Unreal® Engine, Copyright 1998 – 2015, Epic Games, Inc. All rights reserved."

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