Sharing PNG images for free with CC

3DCartoonModels.Com sharing PNG images for free download

3DCartoonModels.Com has been renewed with a new concept of sharing renders of my 3D Characters and Models for free downloads as PNG image file format. Anyone can use images I share as long as appropriate authorship credits is given; guided and governed by  Creative Commons Attributtion 4.0 license.

Why PNG format?
Portable Network Graphics (PNG) images has become even more popular than its counterpart JPG. Some of the main reasons are non-patented Open format, lossless compression and alpha/transparency channel. Currently almost all operating systems support it.  So when you use any image renders of my 3D models you can easily composite images in any popular image editor software like Photoshop or Gimp, like I did with the cover image of this post. See bellow the trending interest between PNG vs JPG:

3D Model source files:
Bellow each image at 3DCartoonModels.Com there is a link to go see more details about the original model source files, because all my models are also available for purchase at TurboSquid. You can buy/download the original 3D file if you need custom renders or animations and want to work with the character by yourself.

3DCartoonModels.Com will not be limited to still images, I'm planning to share also some sprites sheets for 2D games and animated GIFs. So stay tuned and feel free to use the shared content in your blogs, websites, games or any personal or commercial projects.