$39.00 hamburger!? Who would buy 3D Digital Models?

I asked myself the same question years ago when I had only a dozen of models published at TurboSquid, and gradually I realized that the number of situations can lead people to buy a 3D digital model could be countless and certainly was growing.

There are innumerable kind of 3D content needed worldwide by film industry, television, architectural and medical visualizations, advertisement agencies, game developing and even YouTube show makers.

3D market offers convenient alternatives for companies, which would have to create them from scratch paying more to an employee, instead they can buy it done saving money and precious time.

Imagine you are a small freelance team, and your client wants you to create an advertisement of scary cartoon cat walking over an old rooftop that finds a delicious hamburger. He needs the work done in 7 days and even though  you are an expert animating characters, there is no enough time to create a full rigged cat and a complex textured rooftop environment. Before telling the client you need 21 days and $2,500.00 in modeling costs; your first steps should be checking 3D Marketplaces and fortunately you will find this great rooftop , this cute cartoon kitten and our already known “expensive” hamburger.


Rooftop ($79.00) + Rigged Cat($149.00) + Hamburger ($39.00) = $267.00

Finally you can start creating animation in minutes after downloading purchased models and costs decreased drastically.

For more real life examples check out these blog posts about uses of TurboSquid models on Bones TV serie and CNN news channel.

Save about 75% of modeling costs.  Achieve quality results under tight deadlines. With Standard Royalty Free License you have the right to use the model in your projects for a lifetime.  Studying your purchased models you can learn techniques from great artists around the world.

Possible inconveniences:
In most cases, the artist remains with the copyright of the 3D model; the customer only buys the right to use and present the model.  It wouldn't be helpful if you are looking for an original, unique and specific art (like game content needs).  3D hamburgers can’t be eaten (What do you mean, it’s not real?).